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Will you take a quick survey?

Many of you know I’m in my final semester of work on my Masters degree and as part of that coursework, am developing a senior thesis project.  Part of that project includes primary research, including qualitative and quantitative data collection.  The survey at is part of that process, so if you have a few minutes to answer some pretty basic questions, please do. 

Thank you,



Approaching one end

Means a beginning awaits. I’m entering my final semester in my Masters program, which means my MBA program starts immediately after that.  It’s not surprising that I’m here, since this place was always where I wanted to be, and I set out to accomplish this and to achieve these two goals, but saying I’m applying for graduation and will receive my Masters degree in December has me a little giddy.  I know better women have accomplished this before me, and many more will follow, but at the same time – I want to shout from the rooftops that I’m about to do it.  Perhaps I’ll wait until December though…this semester very well could be the death of me.  And anyway, it just means there’s more hard work ahead of me.